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Dele Abijo - Korede Bello, A MEGA Superstar

Born on the 29th of february 1997, Korede Bello is an 18 year old guitarist and student of Mass communication at the Nigerian institute of journalism.
The singer who hails from Lagos state started performing on stage at the age of seven, staged named African Prince.

Charity they say begins at home, the engine of Korede’s musical career is lubricated by his parent’s love for music. His father loves indigenous music while his mother preferred foreign music. As a kid, Korede fell in love with music and music fell in love with him.

At his early age in school, Korede was known for his active participation in social activities such as acting,dancing and even singing competitions as he do represents his school in most of these activities. Like Jesus Christ got his disciples, Korede formed his first music group with a friend in primary six and also wrote his first song.

According to him, “music was a different ball game in secondary school, I was better and more into writing songs. But when I got into senior secondary school, I began professional music by recording my songs in the studio. My first official single was recorded when I was in secondary school. His parents gave him the support he needed. His father got him his first guitar and even paid for his first studio session.

” I love my parents so much and one of the reasons is because they support me and would put theirmoney on anything that would make me happy.

“I came from them and they love music and they love supporting their son. The only issue they had, especially my mother, was my staying out late. She did not want me to stay out late because as of then, I was just writing my West African Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination. I had to be in the studio mostly at night and my mother did not really like that. Aside from that, everything was fine.

Signed to Mavin Records on February 28 2014, Korede released his first single titled ” “AfricanPrincess.” which featured donjazzy.

After his performance in Mavins Dorobucci , his fanbase has tripled and his popularity increased and has won admiration of many ladies.. Especially with the wink everyone got crazy about. #koredewinks

The new rising star said his name Korede means a harbinger of good tidings and thus he would want music fans listening to his music to feel blessed and happy. The young singer who is yet to have an album of himself said that he was aiming at getting to a stage where listeners of his song will get blessing by listening to his music.
While responding to an interview concerning the growing number of female music fans that are attracted to him, African Prince said that, It has always been his favour to have princesses around him, the number of female fans coming after him has increased since he joined the Marvin Records. #Godwin

Even female celebrities are now flocking to him and so have even come to give him a kiss after watching him performed on the stage in one occasion.. #YouGuyKnowAllThatStory..
He said, “One of Don Jazzy’s colleagues heard my songs and loved it. He told Don Jazzy to give me a listening ear and he agreed. My manager, Casper, sent some of my works to Don Jazzy and we got invited to the studio. We recorded some songs and here I am, a Mavin. It is solely a favour. It is God and all I can say is that I’m blessed to be inone of the biggest labels in Africa and I believe that I’m a blessing to both my label and the entertainment industry as a whole.” #Godwin

Mavin 2

While explaining how he met the Mavin Boss, Don Jazzy, he said ” One thing I have learnt is that once it is time, it is actually your time. The truth is that if anyone had told me about two years ago that I would be working with Don Jazzy, I would say it was a big lie but I am working with him right now. A lot of people listen to your songs but it takes just one person to make a difference in your life. That is what happened to me because I released a song called ‘Forever’ and people loved it but it just took one person to listen to it and introduced me to Don Jazzy’s friends. They were also astounded by what they heard and they introduced me to Don Jazzy. He invited us to the studio with my manager, Casmir, we recorded some songs and that was it. When he heard my song, he said that I was a mega super star and that was it.

Aside from the prestige of being on Don Jazzy’s label, Korede declared that Mavin has brought him a lot of things that a mega super star can be recognized with. “Money, cars and a house that’s why we are called mega super star.

The name korede bello is gradually becoming a household name in the Nigeria music industry i want to personally congratulate him for doing what he knows how to do, and one more thing Korede. Don’t stop exploring the power of social media positively that’s a nitche uve carved for yourself.. Thanks.
Article written By Dele Abijo


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