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Gov Fayose Spotted At The Airport : Says “No I’m Not Running Away”


A familiar looking man was spotted by our correspodent yesterday at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport with his entourage, desperately trying to book a ticket to Madagascar.

On closer inspection, we were shocked to realize it was Ekiti Governor, Ayo Fayose.

News making the rounds have it that after his scathing Newspaper adverts wishing death on General Buhari, Fayose is stunned by the current trend the results are following. Fearing a Buhari win and subsequent punishment for his libelous adverts, he decided to run away.


We could clearly hear him saying “Eh? Aburo no ticket? Ah. Wahala ti de o. Any standing? Joo fun mi standing, mo like e, mo manage. Ah, no standing? Mo ku. Kosi space ninu cargo hold? I will manage it. Ah my broda epp me……epp me……….if this baba wins, mo ku. The suffrin will not be a small something. Epp me”.

When we approached him he immediately changed his tune. “What? Me? Running away for fear that Buhari will win? Rubbish. I fear no man. I am only going to Madagascar for vacation.Why are you asking why I was begging to stand? I like standing. It’s good exercise”



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