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Kanye West Pied Piper of Designing Men Sparks Student Explosion

Kanye West is making a lot of dudes fashion savvy -- thanks to him guys are enrolling by the droves at the design college where he's teaching to complete his community service. 

According to court docs, Yeezy's not only killing it teaching at LA Trade Technical College ... he's also being credited by the school for increasing the number of men in the fashion design program by nearly 40%.

West pled no-contest last March to battery in that LAX pap beat down -- but the case has turned into a boon for the school ... where officials are giving Prof. West straight A's.

They point out he's gone above and beyond to assign projects, and offer students personal mentoring.

Kanye's on track to wrap in June, but maybe he'll want to stick around campus. One thing though kids ... don't ever speak in his class.


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