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[Must Read]: Stella Damasus Has A Message For You!

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I guess yeaterday should be tagged as #MotivationalMonday… Stella Damasus took to Instagram earlier to share an inspirational message to her fans on how they should be grateful no matter the circumstance.


It’s another beautiful Monday and I am grateful to God that I am here to see it. Be grateful for every little thing that you have and rejoice. Don’t dwell on the things that you don’t have. We seem to be LOUD when it comes to NEGATIVE things. When we are broke, tired of a job, hate and envy someone, have a headache, or even very tired, we spread it and complain. We talk about it with all who care to listen. But how many of us get LOUD when we we wake up without a headache, love our job, admire someone, have strength to carry on? How many times do we call our friends just to tell them what GOD has done in our life? Do we really need to wait and sign up for testimony time in church before we praise him? When people hate, envy and judge others they spread their lies so much on social media and through gossip. But when the person has done something good to help others or won an award, how many of us really talk about this achievement on social media or to our friends? Is it not funny how people can post something positive but get only a few likes or views but the moment it is a scandal or gossip, everybody wants to see and spread and even add their own side to it. I wonder how God sees the heart of the children he has created? How we have all become judge and jury over others instead of working out our own salvation with fear and trembling. I have decided and have taught my children to be grateful for every thing and everyday they get to experience, I have also taught them to love and be quick to forgive. As the world is turning, so is it coming to its end. I pray that we all see the light and come back to the way we used to be when we first knew the power of prayer. #sdMonday #StellaDamasus #straighttalk #actor #ATL #NYC #Filmmaker #MusicLover #iloveJesus #ilovemyJob #GodLover #Godpikin #GodisGood #undilutedSD #doitBIG #NotSlowingDown #notimeForNonsens


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