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Zara Gretti's Corpse Missing At Lagos Cemetery

Zara Gretti's Corpse Missing At Lagos Cemetery

After her unfortunate and untimely demise, there were controversies concerning how several of her colleagues in the music industry who abandoned her while she needed help took to their various social pages to eulogize her and send condolence messages.

However, there is a new disturbing update to the story, according to Netng. It was reported that in preparation for the one-year anniversary of her death, a visit was paid on Thursday, March 19, 2015, to Ikoyi Cemetery, Lagos, where Zara was buried, and a shocking discovery was made.

After getting the details of the exact place her remains were interred, an extensive search of the cemetery records and register revealed that Zara Gretti was indeed buried at the Ikoyi Cemetery on Friday, April 4, 2014. The register revealed that her grave was in section five of the cemetery.

However, the curiosity of the Netng reporter who went there to make enquiries was pricked when the mortuary attendant, also identified as the secretary of the facility, asked the visitor absent-mindedly: ‘Do you know if this was the third or fourth time that particular grave was used?’ The visitor’s quick response was that he was not around when the late singer was brought for burial; hence there was no way he could know about that.

Zara Gretti's Corpse Missing At Lagos CemeteryWhen the register had confirmed that she was indeed buried at the cemetery, the reporter and the attendant proceeded to the grounds. On getting to the area identified as Section Five by the official, the reporter was shocked to find that Zara’s tomb could not be found even after two hours’ search.

Zara Gretti's Corpse Missing At Lagos Cemetery

When the reporter insisted on seeing the tomb, a continued search proved fruitless. When the mortuary official was asked about his earlier comment, he was quick to say “We don’t ever use a grave for another corpse once someone has been buried there”, despite suggesting something to the contrary earlier.

The official took the reporter’s phone number, promising to call him when he eventually located the grave. He was yet to do so at the time the story was published, and Netng has now stated authoritatively that Zara Gretti’s grave is missing.

According to Netng, this development raises some disturbing questions. Do cemetery officials actually exhume bodies of buried people at the cemeteries without duly informing the deceased’s family or getting their approval? What has become of Zara’s grave at Ikoyi Cemetery just one year after she was buried there?… These and other questions are hanging awaiting answers.


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