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Hacker Shuts Down ‘New York Magazine’ Following Alleged Bill Cosby Rape Victims Cover Story

Shortly after New York Magazine unveiled its attention-grabbing Bill Cosby cover story entitled “Cosby: The Women,” from a painstaking result of six months of interviews and careful planning, their entire site was abruptly taken offline by an anonymous hacker.

Soon afterwards, critics began pointing some accusing comments on Cosby, alleging his connivance with the hacker who took down the site.

However, The hacker, known only as ThreatKing, said he did not care about Bill Cosby but hates the “many stupid people” of New York. While in an interview with an online media, ThreatKing said he “overwhelmed the site with a distributed denial of service attack” which overloaded its servers with traffic.

On his hatred of NYC, ThreatKing maintained that he found so many things wrong in New York, hence, his choice of the city for attacks. He also claimed that his hatred of New York  was based on some jeers and intimidation's he received from the people when he visited New York city. “I’ve seen many pranks gone wrong at new york. That got me pissed. That’s why I chose New York,” he said.


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