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Nigerians Voted for Change, Not Acts Of Masturbation, Iwuanyanwu Tells Buhari

Known for his blunt and ne'er compromising perspective to problems within the Peoples political party, Chief Chyna Iwuanyanwu, says for PDP to survive, all its current leadership should resign for a brand new order to be instilled. He any describes however exemption and lack of internal democracy price the party the final elections. He spoke to STANLEY NKWOCHA

Your party aforesaid they're going to rule African country for sixty years and suddenly crashed when sixteen years on the saddle. What happened?

I speak to you as a real ultranationalistic Nigerian, because, African country is additional vital to American state than any organization. And you've got to be a Nigerian initial before you'll be PDP a chieftain or APC chieftain.

The truth of the matter is that PDP had all the opportunities within the world to drive the democratic method and supply African country with purpose -driven leadership, for even 100years. If you check the inspiration of the party, a gaggle of genuinely ultranationalistic Nigerians from across the country came along to confront a most vicious military government so as to bring democracy and promote the ideals of unity and progress. on the road, that vision was derailed or rather corrupted, that the loss from sixty years to sixteen years didn’t return to a number of America as sudden; we have a tendency to saw it more and more returning.

The cardinal principle upon that PDP was fashioned is sectionalization. once Yar’Adua died, a number of America felt that the North ought to be allowed to finish their tenure. after all we have a tendency to were overuled, known as rebels and every one type of names. And you can’t close up any a part of this country from power. we have a tendency to believed that sectionalization provided chance for access, and something that happened to sectionalization can scuttle the unity of this country and threaten stability and development.

When dessert apple became president, we have a tendency to thought there was associate degree agreement for one term to finish Yar’Adua’s tenure. however as we have a tendency to were doing that, we have a tendency to were losing folks, notably from one section of the country. That’s why after I hear that there's a conspiracy of the north, I laugh it off as on balance, politics is regarding conspiracy, and it’s a game of interest. thus essentially, our loss didn’t return to American state as a surprise.

We were a part of the last national convention. the essential tenets of democracy weren't upheld any longer, as a result of there was additional exemption, imposition and every one that. thus it didn’t return as a surprise, what you sow is what you reap, garbage in garbage out.

At a point, PDP was being run sort of a commerce by some board of administrators and possession being compete out. rather than Peoples political party, we have a tendency to currently had the political party while not the folks. that the folks started trying elsewhere and saw this ‘changeless change’ we have a tendency to currently have. however it absolutely was inevitable as a number of America saw it returning. It’s solely those that perpetrated the atrocities inside PDP that ought to be liable for what happened to America.

What atrocities specifically?

There was exemption, manipulation and imposition of candidates against the favored can of the folks. The folks weren't allowed to settle on. Nigerian capital can sit and choose United Nations agency could be a counsellor, government chairman. National convention can not be control, the result's illustrious and other people adopted for offices, whereas others were allowed to romp city and waste their time whereas their names area unit excluded in phony manners. Internally, there was no democracy and Nigerians saw it.

Democracy is regarding the folks and once the folks feel that you just don't seem to be carrying them on however moving against their interest, after all they're going to opt for a amendment, no matter meaning.

Can the party redeem itself now?

Well, yes! What we want now's not simply the cosmetic or symbolic removal of national chairman or the larva however what we want could be a total re-engineering, overhaul and re-branding of the party, to inject new folks, so they will bring new concepts. however as long because it is these same people that have control the party surety and brought the party on its knees (they area unit those reviewing the party and need to carry congress), then it'll not work. we want to create board lots of individuals United Nations agency area unit disconnected and fully eliminated. Amongst one hundred seventy million folks, you can’t return to a state of affairs wherever fifty or sixty folks area unit ruling a ultranationalistic party.

In clear cut terms, will we have a tendency to get your model for redeeming the PDP?

I think that the full national executives ought to resign and also the executives ought to do a correct congress up to the national convention, so {the can|the desire|the need} of the folks will prevail. Let folks select their leaders. Secondly, the board of trustees area unit purported to be the conscience of the party and there area unit such a big amount of people that area unit there that don't have any business being there the least bit. In any case, a number of them have left to different political parties. thus i believe we must always re-energise and convey in credible folks, men of honour and integrity, United Nations agency have the capability to act because the conscience of the party into the larva. A state of affairs wherever a member of the board of trustees is contesting for the senate could be a conflict. United Nations agency would we have a tendency to run to once there's a conflict with different candidates? A state of affairs wherever a member of the board of trustees could be a member of the national executives amounts to duplication if there's any issue, the person takes undue advantage. thus a larva ought to be a platform for the creme DE la creme and compose of the introduction fathers and also the embodiment of the vision of the PDP, so people may take different positions.

If we alter the larva, amendment the leadership, from ward to the national level, then we glance into our declaration and build it additional exponent. The political climate is ever-changing. In 1999, the mantra was let the military go, right now, the folks area unit requesting the dividends of democracy and it should be seen within the declaration.

As you advocate for a few of those changes, the crisis in Anambra and Kogi PDP doesn't counsel amendment on the a part of the party will it?

I am whole frustrated that anybody needs to travel to any state and be doing congress or convention currently. Once the pinnacle is rotten, the body follows, it’s an equivalent syndrome. thus what we have a tendency to area unit requesting is that there ought to be a committee discovered to review the party. I even have no confidence within the previous committee and that i have aforesaid it before, as a result of it's an equivalent those that have control the party surety that area unit members of that committee. they ought to raise folks across what went wrong and that we can tell them. Not those that inflicted the incorrect, it’s like being the choose in your own case, it cannot work. that's why they need the audacity and exemption to be talking regarding congress. No, we've got to initial place our house so as, get a guide to seek out out wherever we have a tendency to went wrong, raise our folks queries so develop a blueprint. There has got to be a roadmap. It’s not choosing Anambra nowadays, UN agency tomorrow by an equivalent folks. If we have a tendency to continue what we have a tendency to were doing with an equivalent folks, we'll get an equivalent results, that’s my worry.

Two months down the road, what does one build of Buhari’s presidency?

Well i believe there was an amazing clamour for amendment, and that i had warned that amendment for the sake of amendment isn't it. If we have a tendency to area unit planning to amendment for the higher, then it’s smart for America. I even have conjointly aforesaid that the sole smart factor regarding APC, is that the pedigree of Buhari and Osibanjo. each different person within the APC is like another PDP member. And 2 trees cannot build a forest in an exceedingly population of one hundred seventy million folks. thus what you're seeing now's Buhari attempting to grapple with the difficulty of leadership, he wasn’t ready as way as i'm involved. for example, what they known as merger, if they need actually unified, this fragmentation inside the party of CPC tendency, new PDP et al. that is manifesting currently wouldn't are there. thus there was a conspiracy and not a merger. If we have a tendency to merge, then the identities of the merging entities can diminish, however that's not the siuation currently. What we have a tendency to area unit seeing currently, could be a rivalry inside APC, to point out you that there was no merger. it'll take it slow before it settles. however Nigerians voted for amendment and that they area unit in an exceedingly hurry. there's associate degree imperative would like for that amendment, not the onanism of “I cut back my salaries” or symbolisms of “I didn’t get new cars”. What regarding your allowances? What regarding security votes that runs into five hundred million Nigerian monetary unit a month? Why don’t you name that one instead of a regular payment of seven to twelve million?

We have to travel for the $64000 factor. I trust that Buhari has the pedigree and also the capability, however it’s not all regarding one person. He has got to interact people that share his vision and that’s wherever the matter lies.

Let’s name your state – UN agency State. once more your party got its nose contused at the last politician election within the state. Is it res adjudicata for the PDP in UN agency State?

I will tell you that i used to be concerned within the entire election in UN agency State. UN agency could be a PDP state, however the culture of exemption and this business guide is that the downside. What I saw was satanic extortion within the name of primaries. a form of ‘Those United Nations agency have cash should purchase, highest bidder situation’ wherever they weren't brooding about win ability, integrity or satisfactoriness. they merely collected cash from someone and declared the person as a candidate. The corruption within the system is what the matter is and that i assume everyone is on the bottom currently. Formally, they're going to lose so return to dessert apple at the federal level and be intake, currently they need been exclude at Nigerian capital, they’ve been exclude in UN agency state, in order that they area unit forced to assume currently. I will tell you that there's thinking happening. UN agency could be a PDP state and for as long as they don’t mate right, they're going to still lose throughout the election. however the flesh is in different places and also the spirit is in different places. In spirit, UN agency could be a PDP state.


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