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Timaya Denies Rape Allegation, Explains His Side Of The Story| Photos

Timaya has seasoned the allegations against him by a mysterious girl currently known as “Shella B “.

Timaya aforesaid it had been accordant sex and also the lady is currently blackmailing him. He admitted that he attached with the lady in his Atlanta building, however says she in agreement to the sex.

This is what he said:

I have been talking with this lady for regarding one year and its funny however somebody you're thinking that you recognize will act terribly hungry and am i able to leave African country and visit America wherever the law works to rape anyone?Am i crazy?.

This lady UN agency had been promising to blow out my brains with sex once she sees American state begged to ascertain American state once she knew i used to be in city however i didnt understand that she had a hidden agenda.I in agreement to ascertain her and he or she came to my building in Atlanta and that we got down for real .

When we were done and that we were chilling,I got a decision from my manager that we would have liked to start out making ready for a show.She asked to travel with American state to the show as one or two however i aforesaid no and told her i used to be there to figure.

I got up and began making ready for the show however i completed her phone wouldnt leave my face and he or she unbroken asking American state stupid queries and while i answered i puzzled what she was up to ,then it hit American state that she was recording and that i grabbed her phone and that we struggled cos i wished to delete the videos she had created while not my consent..I dont even understand if she still has any however i deleted those i might on her phone .

I referred to as the building security and explained what had happened to them .I told them to open her phone in order that i might see what she had left however she refused and was creating a scene and also the building told her to urge out however i didnt wish her to travel cos i used to be terrified of what she may need recorded and that i insisted on line of work the Police however the building told American state that if i referred to as the police,i might be inactive for holding her surety in my area therefore i let her go.

After then she unbroken line of work American state and he or she unbroken dynamic  her story telling American state that i raped her ,i tried to play it cool by beggary her to not to require the route she had taken ,i really begged her however she told American state i had to pay her 50k bucks for her to ditch it,she clearly didnt record that half as a result of she had ulterior motives.

After her demand on behalf of me to pay her,i stopped line of work her or taking her calls and that i modified my range and he or she i suppose she got pissed off and went on the net to undertake and do harm.

I Timaya can not be a malefactor..NEVER..I have daughters and that i have a conscience.I will ne'er be a voice that rapes and if i'm therefore ironed for sex,i know a way to apprehend,I will ne'er take sex once a woman says NO.

I am a young man that's doing okay and that i guess she had expectations that i didnt meet to and he or she determined to use rape as a result of she is aware of thats the quickest thanks to bring anyone down.

I wonder why she additionally visited open another instagram once her real handle is @officialshella_b

Since she referred to as American state out victimisation my name and pic and if she wasnt lying she might have done same and provided proof of some kind of injuries gotten from any physical fracas.She fastidiously used the speech i used to be beggary her to not ruin my career cos i used to be making an attempt to play it down”.

@Officialshella_b may be a Nigerian girl from japanese Nigerian,she contains a non-public account however here area unit a number of her non-public conversations with Timaya on Instagram.



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