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10 Things You Should Know About Your Vagina | Must Read

As a woman you should take pride in knowing vital details about your vagina so you won’t be unnecessarily concerned about things that are completely normal to your body. It would also help you know when to visit a doctor when things don’t look good down there. Keep in mind these 10 interesting deets about what really goes on down there:

1. Your vagina is one out of the three beautiful parts down there. Taking the first position is your urethra (this is where urine goes out of), second is the vagina (where babies pop out of and your monthly cycle and other vaginal discharges), and last is your anus where all other waste products from your body are released. So when you’re cleaning that area, clean from the first to the last not the other way round.

2. The fragile tissue covering the passage into your vagina can only be removed once. This is what it means to lose one’s virginity. So once that tissue of broken it cannot be refixed. And that’s completely natural. So don’t be deceived with random ideas that you can be “revirginized”. And this is very different from when the vagina feels a bit loose when having intimacy.

3. Giving birth through the vagina can weaken the walls of your vagina. But that can be fixed with simple and healthy exercises. One of which is the kegel. Kegel exercises contracts the muscles of the vagina and help tighten the muscles around it. To do this contract and relax the muscles (as if you’re trying to hold in a pee) for 30 times a day (or more).

4. Ever heard funny random noises from your vagina? It’s called vaginal farts. It happens to almost all women occasionally, especially during sex or other forms of exercise. So don’t feel embarrassed when it happens. It is completely natural.

5. The menstrual blood that comes out of your vagina could clot sometimes. Those clots are just pieces of uterine lining and it helps prevent excess bleeding during your menstrual cycle.

6. Every woman experiences vaginal discharges, usually some days before menstrual cycle and some days after. The quantity of vaginal discharge varies. Some healthy women release a lot of discharge so they might need to wear pant liner daily, for some it’s occasional.

7. Every woman loves an odorless vagina. Avoid douching it rather try to keep it clean down there always. Carry wipes in your purse if you frequent the toilet a lot. Ensure you wash at least three times a day, and every night before going to bed.

8. Pelvic Organ prolapse happens when the muscles that hold your pelvic organs in place get weak or stretched from childbirth or surgery and pushes against the walls of your vagina, can be fixed. So don’t fret.

9. Estrogen, which is produced by the ovaries, plays a vital role in keeping your vaginal tissues lubricated and healthy, other wise it could scar and shrink and then make intimacy painful.

10. The shape of vulva (labia), the whole area surrounding the entrance to your vagina, varies. And this variation is completely healthy and normal, so just love what you have down there


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