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5 Ways To Take Off Ladies Bra

Have you noticed how our women allow the men folk perform the onerous task of taking off the bra. This from my investigations enables them gauge the level of experience of their male partners. The dexterity or otherwise of the guy in taking off this all important garment will determine the longevity or otherwise of the relationship and in most cases also determine if one will get a second opportunity.

So my Brothers, from my own personal experience, these are five sure fire tactics to cross the boundary the Bra puts up.

1. Use a razor blade. Instead of wasting your time trying to hold the woman with one hand, while trying to unfasten like four clips with just one hand, you just get a razor blade and cut off the offending straps. It’s faster and very convenient.

2. A pair of scissors should be the final accessory as you prepare for this date. It’s safer, faster than the razor. All you need is a nip and off comes the offending attire.

3. Your teeth. Some guys have been known to chew off the straps of the Bra. They stylishly bite off the straps without inconveniencing the owners while freeing the objects of desire.

4. A drop of acid. Get this in a tiny bottle and when the time is right, use a dispensing droplet and take aim very surreptitiously dropping just one drop each on the two holding straps and watch it melt away. This is recommended for only Airforce tacticians and Airfirce personnel.

5. Where all these fails, just beg.



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