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I Don’t Have Boyfriend But I Sort Myself Whenever I Need S*x – Nollywood Actress

All those guys who have been eyeing fast-rising Nollywood actress, Hannah Ogundare should just take their hunt elsewhere. She is not your regular what you see is what you get lady.

The tall, beautiful and cute actress has got the goods not only to play with sensibility of her fans but also to knock them out as she recently did in a photo shoot that sent her male fans into an uproar.

While speaking with Potpourri about her private life, she said:
“I don’t really enjoy s*x, I prefer romance. Meanwhile, I don’t have s*x often because I don’t have a man presently. But that does not mean I won’t sort myself whenever the need arises. I can always arrange that.”

But when it comes to action, she is ready to do things. “Acting has always been my dream. Acting comes to me naturally.” Hannah is many guys dream chic but not without a word of caution. She doesn’t really like the ‘hitting’ action. Does that sound scary? She is not frigid either but prefers things to shape out her own way, the way she likes it and wants it.

Any actor who is also interested in her will have to work hard. “I don’t think I can date an actor but if such happens, there’s nothing I can do about it but the possibility is very slim,” she stressed.


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