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Sean Tizzle — I May Consider Cosmetic Surgery

Sho Lee crooner, Oluwaseun Morinhafen, also known as Sean Tizzle, talks about his career in this interview

What have you been up to recently?
I am currently working on my next album titled Sean Tizzle…For The W.
Does ‘W’ represent women?
It represents We – the men, all my women, West Africa and the World. I make music to unite people. The inspiration comes from different real life situations.
Are there any particular situations that have influenced this album?
My life in general has influenced the album. I could spend too much time elaborating what the situations are.
Have you been under pressure lately to churn out songs?
I have never been under pressure to produce songs. Each artiste has his or her own race to run. I am in my own lane where I set the pace.

Some people say you look like Lil Wayne; does he inspire you in any way?
If truth be told, I would say he looks like me with the exception of all the body art. The only inspiration I get from him is the business mindset when it comes to music.
But you both share a love for tattoos and piercings…
Yes, we do but there is a limit to the number of piercings and tattoos on my body. I do not think he has any.
Does it bother you that people could mistake your looks for someone who does drugs?
That is not possible.
How would you describe your personality?
I am funny, witty, down-to-earth and charming. I would describe myself as the perfect gentleman.
Would you consider enhancing your looks?
Yes, I would. This is the entertainment business and outward appearance always has to be at its best. Why do women wear make-up?
Does that explain the change in the colour of your lips?
No, it does not. I just brush my lips as well as my teeth and I use the proper lip balm.
Does brushing make the lips assume a pink colour?
It is simple- you put your lips together and brush them gently to remove the dead cells that may have accumulated overnight or the residue from drinking beverages.
In the past, you have been accused of stealing songs and also snatching a fan’s girlfriend. How has that affected your career?
Sometimes, it hurts when you are accused of things like that but it is equally funny when it brings income.
Are you saying the accusations are a blessing in disguise?
Honestly, I am starting to believe that.
So how do you handle those periods when they come?
I do not have anything to do with that. My manager does all that.
Considering your love for jewellery, you appear a bit too flamboyant and extravagant …
I love nice, durable and unique things. It doesn’t just end at jewellery. I also like birds, cars, planes, novels and expensive paintings.
What genre of music are you comfortable with?
I like Afro-Caribbean music.
Which of your songs do you consider your greatest hit?
That would be Hit & Run, but I have yet to release it. The world anticipates it would be the biggest hit when compared to the others.
What is the highest amount you have charged as an artiste?
I do not handle that aspect of my business. My manager does and that is classified information.
With Davido’s recent graduation from the university, have you made up your mind to further your education?
I have enrolled in a university abroad and I take classes regularly, especially while I was on tour in the United States of America. However, it’s about my music at the moment.
Do you consider having a baby mama like other artistes?
No, I don’t. I do not comment on things like that, I am more focused on my work.
You were recently dropped as an MTN Ambassador, do you regret it?
I was not dropped; I only chose not to renew my contract. If something does not work for you, you have to move on.
In what ways did it not work for you?
I would rather not discuss their faults. I have moved on and accepted their apology.
How do you handle difficult days?
I do that by praying and eating good food. Most times, I ask my mum to pray for me.
How about the fame and distractions that come with your career?
I do not find it difficult handling fame and distractions. Being born into this world alone is enough fame and distraction and I try my best to handle them. Being popular is also another issue entirely.
You previously mentioned you were not born to wealthy parents, how has it influenced the way you do music?
My background and music are two separate things. None influences the other. I do my best to make great music.
Are you threatened by the competition in the industry?
Jay Z does not have any competition. There is a difference between being born to do music and getting forced to do it.
Judging from your background, one would think you are in it for the money
No one has the right to judge.
How do you unwind?
Sometimes, I take my cousin’s yacht to his private beach house off the coast of Banana Island, where I record new exclusives. At other times, I play ping pong.
How do you relate with your female fans?
I relate with them well because they are my target audience.

Which international artiste would you like to do a collabo with and why?
I would like to do a collabo with Psy, because his style is unique and made the whole world to speak Korean.
What other interests do you have apart from music?
I have an acting school, Tizzle Nation School of the Arts, in the US, where foreign kids are trained to perfect their acting skills.
How do you keep fit?
I keep fit by doing calisthenics. I have a nice dance routine that works for me.
How would you describe your style?
My style is eccentric and unique.


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