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Jiji Against The Fight With Scams

D:\WORK\Даша JiJi\Jiji Scam\Jiji scam pics\4.jpg has proved to be a convenient and reliable service. The website allows its users to sell and buy literally everything – from some food for pets to cars and houses. Here people post their ads for free and wait for a buyer to contact them.

Though classifieds websites aren't a new thing nowadays, some people still don't trust them. What can we say here? First, you can trust Jiji, because it is the service chosen by dozens of thousands of Nigerians. Secondly, scammers still exist, and you should always be attentive.

All people who use Jiji can find a list of warnings and safety tips provided by the website. Though something there may seem quite obvious, you shouldn't neglect them. Keep your financial information private. Don't use money transfer systems for payments. Never pay in advance. Don't agree for a payment for distributing things. Always talk over the details and appoint personal meeting.

Moreover, Jiji has prepared the list of known scammers list on Jiji. It doesn't mean the service isn't reliable. It means that some things are out of computer’s control, and Jiji tries to deal with those, too. If you've become a victim of a fraud, report immediately and leave his contacts in the list.


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