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Lillian Amah-Aluko – Reasons I Want To Be AMP president

Lillian Amah-Aluko

Nollywood actress and producer, Lillian Amah-Aluko, has declared interest in contesting for the position of the upcoming Association of Movie Producers.

If she wins, Lillian would make history as she would be the first female AMP president in Nigeria. In that regard, the actress cum producer said she wasn’t going to allow her gender to stop her from contesting.

“As far as I am concerned, all that matters is that I am a producer. I believe that the men are forward looking enough to forget your gender when it comes to our business. Whether you are a woman or not, as long as you are a good producer, everybody would listen to you. But I believe being a woman has an edge. Women know how to nurture, ” she said.

A one-time vice president under the tenure of Paul Obazele and the outgoing president, Zik Zulu, Lillian said she wasn’t going to allow her gender to deter her from showing her colleagues and the world the vision she has for the association.

While saying she is not aggrieved with the outgoing president, Lillian said, “The president before him, Paul Obazele, took AMP a long way and Zik Zulu took the baton from him and continued from where he stopped. He took us further and gave us a better office. I know I can pick up the baton from Zik and take AMP to another level. That is my vision.”

Talking on what she wants to achieve as an AMP president, Lilian said, “I would ensure that we have trainings. I was a beneficiary of such trainings and I was sent to LA. I would want to continue that with or without the government backing. Part of my dream is to train producers at least twice in a year. We may not need to go abroad but we ought to do this especially for the producers who don’t operate in Lagos. We need to train and retrain ourselves, otherwise we would become outdated.”

Even though there seems to be another faction of the association, Lillian is optimistic that she would certainly unite all aggrieved factions during her regime.

“We intend to bring together the fractured arms of our association. It is not something that would be easy to achieve because the damage was not done in one day. But I know we intend to reach out to the elders in the industry. We are all brothers and sisters. We will come together one day as a family,” she said.

The actress has vowed never to step down for any ‘more anointed’ candidate.

“This is democracy. When I made up my mind to run for this election, I was determined that the only thing that would prevent me from being the president of AMP is if the electorate don’t vote for me. Nobody is anointed,” she said.


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