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Man Escapes Attack by Shoving Arm Down Bear's throat

A bow hunter is recovering after he survived a grizzly bear mauling, reportedly by remembering a tip from a magazine and shoving his arm down the animal’s throat.

Chase Dellwo, 26, was hunting with his brother north-west of the town of Choteau on Saturday when he came face-to-face with male grizzly weighing up to 400lb pounds (180kg), the Great Falls Tribune reported.

“He let go but he was still on top of me roaring the loudest roar I have ever heard,” Dellwo said.

“I remembered an article that my grandmother gave me a long time ago that said large animals have bad gag reflexes,” he said. “So I shoved my right arm down his throat.”

“I want everyone to know that it wasn’t the bear’s fault. He was as scared as I was,” Dellwo said.



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