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PHOTO: Devil pushed me to pour hot water on my neighbour-Suspect

16 days after Williams Esther, bathed her neighbor,Mrs. Mabel Enwongomfon–Umoh with a bucket of hot water during a minor argument,she has blamed the devil for her wicked act .
The incident, which happened on Christmas eve,  has left Mabel in excruciating pain as she sustained severe burns on her chest, breasts, neck and a part of her face, it has also deprived her two months old baby from being breastfed because of her breast injuries.

Esther, a househelp before her action landed her in police custody, spoke with Saturday PUNCH before her arraignment, saying even though she knew the hot water could inflict severe injury on her neighbour, she did it out of anger. 
“I’m sorry. I was pushed by the devil to do it. I wish I didn’t do it. After I did it, people were beating me before I was arrested. I feel bad. I’m sorry. Everybody in the house makes trouble, not only me,” she said.
While Esther had since been remanded in police custody until she satisfies the bail conditions imposed by the court; a bail of N500,000 and two sureties in like sum among other conditions, and the matter adjourned till March 9, 2016, Mabel, who has been bedridden since the incident happened, says she has missed breastfeeding her baby.
“Sometimes, I would see milk coming out of my breasts, which was a sign that my baby was crying but there was nothing I could do,” she told Saturday PUNCH.

She said her baby had been feeding on formula.She recalled that her first child could not stand what had become of her face and body the first time she and the two-month-old baby visited her in the hospital.

“She ran away and refused to come inside until they went back home, but she has now got used to it,” she said.

When our correspondent visited Mabel during the week, even though she had been discharged, she was still unable to go home owing to unpaid medical bill. Thus, she remained the hospital’s guest.


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