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Humility Will Get You To The Top – Akindele

What is Facemasters Beauty all about and what prompted it?
Facemasters Beauty was established two years ago to cater for the beauty concern of women. In addition to selling makeup products, we also offer other beauty services such as bridal and party makeovers and facials.

Although my company is two years old, I have actually been a makeup artist for about nine years now. I found it difficult to get admission into my choice university. I would pass my JAMB exams but there was always something getting into my way.
While waiting to secure admission into the school of my choice, I decided to get myself busy with something. I wanted to be creative. I never really thought that whatever I learned would pay off financially in the future but I just wanted to learn something just for fun. If it later turned out to be of some financial gain by the time I was in school, all the better. It was on my 20th birthday that I decided the craft I wanted to learn would be makeup artistry. I found a suitable school and enrolled myself.
At what point did you decide you would pursue it as career?By the time I finally got into school which turned out to be LASU, the craft paid off because it supported me financially as an undergraduate. I did makeovers for my friends and my sister’s friends. At a point though, I had to leave the makeup bit aside because it was conflicting with my studies.
I did my youth service in Ilorin and soon after service, I got an offer to work at a medical diagnostic centre there. It was a big laboratory but I shunned the offer because I had no interest in medical microbiology. I had studied microbiology in school and if you want to practice that as profession, you have to go all the way. Besides, I don’t like the sight of blood and even made a point of specialising in food and environmental microbiology in school because of my aversion for blood.
When I came back to Lagos, I got another offer with Nigeria Breweries Plc. I was even posted to work at their office in Enugu. At the time, I was planning my wedding. I had to make a decision on what I really wanted to do with my life. Eventually, I turned down the offer and followed my passion of being a makeup artist.
Did your family support you when you made that decision?
Well, my then husband-to-be was supportive.  As for my mum, she has always been supportive of my decisions. However when I turned down the job from NBL, she fell sick. Over time, she came around and saw reasons with me.
How has the journey been so far?
This is a new experience, quite different from when I worked as a makeup artist as a university undergraduate. It is totally different now. Back then, makeup artists were not that common. My sister worked in the banking sector then. Many of her colleagues were getting married at the time, so she would tell them I was a makeup artist and that was how I got jobs.
Right now, the competition is stiffer and it is much easier to get a makeup artist now. Besides, the way makeup is applied now has evolved. Now you have to be very precise with your applications. You can’t just do what you like on your client’s face because they are more knowledgeable.
In the past, a guest going for a wedding wouldn’t bother about their makeup or headgear. Now, they are even more concerned about their appearance than the celebrants. Things have changed. However, I am gradually breaking into the makeup industry professionally.
What did you do to grow yourself?
Makeup artistry is such that new things come up every day. So we need to upgrade ourselves frequently. I recently concluded one of such trainings. I go online, follow a lot of people on Instagram and also use social media to educate myself. Even as I am at home on maternity, I still try to keep up with the trends.
At present, I am nursing my baby. So I don’t find it easy working outside my home except the client can come to my house. I equally sell various brands of makeup products and also update myself by training others. It helps me to keep up with the trends.
This industry is a profitable one if one is able to deliver well. Even with the stiff competition, the sale of makeup products and services is profitable. Because there are lots of imitations of makeup products out there, I get my products from only the authorised dealers. If you sell a bad product to a client, they will spread that bad image of you. So I try as much as possible to avoid imitations of any makeup product.
What has your experience been with your clients?
I have discovered that women generally overdo things while using makeup. Whenever a client walks into my studio to purchase make up products, I try as much as possible to make them understand how to use the products.
There are various types of clients; those that think they know it all and the shy ones who are not knowledgeable. I go as far as applying the products on them; I give them a free trial.  I believe if every makeup artist at every beauty store does this, there would be fewer mishaps in terms of makeup applications.
So far, my experience has been good. There are times you get positive feedback from your clients and it is very encouraging. However, there was one person who wasn’t too pleased with my work. She was the friend to a client and she had issues with the way I had tied her friend’s gele. She just told me outright that she didn’t like the gele I tied. I didn’t take offence; I just smiled and untied it. By the time she returned from making a call outside the studio, I had redone the gele. She was pleased and said so. I knew she meant no harm; she was just a blunt person. If I had reacted badly, I would have lost that client and her friend. These days, I get my clients mostly through referrals and friends.
Where do you see your business in the next five years?
Right now I see myself as a beginner in the mainstream makeup industry. My dream is that in the next five years, I would have established a brand with my makeup studio and even own different branches at various locations in Lagos.
Do you have any advice for youths aspiring to be self-employed?
Trust in God for direction. Keep your feet down; stay humble if you want to get to the top. Most ladies these days don’t want to crawl before flying. Take one step at a time.


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