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Jay Z’s TIDAL Hit With Lawsuit For Ripping Off Artist

Jay Z's TIDAL Hit With Law Suit For Ripping Off Artist

Jay Z’s TIDAL streaming service is in it’s best of seasons since it was launched in 2014; Kanye West’s exclusive album release on the platform seems to be helping it gain millions of subscribers and rumors has that Samsung wants to buy the streaming service now “TIDAL has been hit with lawsuit over artist royalties”.

According to, “Yesh Music LLC and musician John Emanuele filed a federal lawsuit against Jay-Z’s company, S. Carter Enterprises, along 2 other companies behind TIDAL — accusing them of copyright infringement and underpayment of royalties. The company is the owner of 118 copyrighted musical recordings – from a band namedThe American Dollar – and Emanuele is a member of the group. They explain the songs are currently available to be streamed on TIDAL. However, the company says TIDAL never obtained permission from the band or paid a dime in royalties.”

This isn’t the first time Jay is been in law suit situation but this is different as artist no longer play with their material.

In *Jon Bellions Voice* “When it comes to publishing, it’s fuck you pay me”


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