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Senate Nothing But Glorified N120 billion Beer Parlour – Ezekwesili

The Nigerian senate has been under fire in recent times with its members being attacked especially on social media for unpopular actions and so on. In another story that is likely to become an instant classic, Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume has encouraged men to take more than one wife. He made the controversial statement today, on International Women’s Day.

In his words;

“I urge men to marry more than one wife. The first care of a woman is marriage. Men should take care of women by not just befriending them, but by going further to marry them. I know there is nowhere in the Bible that prohibits marrying more than one wife”He also ‘jokingly’ advised the Senate President Bukola Saraki to do this.

This has of course been met with strong abhorrence by members of the Nigerian pubic with many taking to Twitter to condemn the statements.
In more vocal opposition, Oby Ezekwesili former minister of Education has also taken to the aforementioned social media site to express her feelings towards the statements.

We would hope that perhaps in future more sensible things be discussed in Senate…for instance how we can increase power generation and provide more Nigerians with Electricity.



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