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[Must Read] Lies Most Women Tell To Get Money From Men.

In this age and time, even before this age and time, there are a million and one ways women try to get money from their partners, some might not even need to be their partner before they drain them of their doughs!!

YBL counts down five famous lies women tell to get money from their men. The actual truth is, it could go all the way round as there are some men who also tell the same lies.

So let’s check em out! Be sure to add yours too though… Don’t lie to me that you don’t LIE to get money! Pfft! Hypocrite!

1. Lend me some money. I promise to pay back.
“Promise“. Promise to do what?… when? How? Where? C’mon sister, you know your guy can’t certainly ask you back for his money… being like “Baby, how about that money you promised to pay me back?” Even you sef would condemn him and even start recounting all the things you’ve been doing for him that is worth more than money.

2. I’m stranded. Please, send me little cash.
While this might be a sincere call for help, it may on the other be a lie call for more money. You know he gave you the money for your hair already but he didn’t give you the one for makeovers, pedicure, manicure, beauty spa, and food while you’re at it… Huh? Sister why? why?

3. I’m pregnant. We can’t keep it, we are not ready.
Ah! This one bursts a guy’s bubbles almost if not every time. Who wee she come and go and kill? Pregnant ke? Oya sharp sharp, take 250k, in fact, pay the cleaner of the hospital sef. A guy wouldn’t want a baby mama, let alone a baby while he’s still in his twenties now… He has not even finished school sef and he already has a baby…

4. I just saw a very nice dress, i have paid half for it but i don’t have the other half.
Sister, what do you mean you paid half for it? I send you? Ka ni pe I don’t have money to send nko?

Some strong guys though, they might be able to catch their scope and tell her to return it but most guys might even go ahead to borrow the money to send to them.

5.I wish i had that. If only i have the money.
Hmmm… when she goes cat eyes for you like, “Puss In Boots” in “Shrek” and you’re feeling pity for her, feeling like she deserves the world from you and she’s like “If only I had that lovely gown, I sure would wear it to our next dinner date, but I don’t have the money.. I guess something would come up”

That’s pure psychology she’s playing on you man, she does even need to study the course to pass it on… women… it comes naturally to them…

Don’t be an hypocrite! Add your LIES!!! Lovely weekend y’all!



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