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Comedian I Go Dye Has This To Say With Regards To The Benue Killings

Last week was a sad one for many Nigerians, especially for those in Benue State following deaths resulting from alleged attacks by Fulani Herdsmen. Many Celebrities and Nigerians have been using their platforms to project the issue and call on the government to do something about it.

Comedian I Go Dye in a post on Instagram wants to know who the real herdsmen are. He wants to know why the police leave the Fulani Herdsmen and attack young boys with phones. He also wants to know how the Fulani herdsmen can afford expensive weapons of mass destruction.

He also addresses the issues in the country paying close attention to unemployment.

See his post below:
THE POLICE SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING PRO- ACTIVE MEASURES TO ARREST HERDSMEN WITH AK47 BY INVESTIGATING THEIR SOURCE OF WEAPONRY, BUT THEY ARE BUSY HARRASING GUYS WITH LAPTOPS AND PHONE'S WHO ARE THE REAL HERDSMEN ? A group of civilian's who have been employed by the untouchables and elites have become a national problem.Logically, the principal takes responsibility for the flaws and successes of the agent,so in this premise who are the owners' of the cattle and the herdsmen. An Ak 47 rifle is estimated at over a million Naira, so how does these herdsmen walking across the country afford it? The elites should own up to their mistakes, In solving this problem there should be a disarming of all those working for the real herdsmen.An assessment of all those involved should be done,there after, licensing and identification informations should be taken.This will aid the process of knowing those involved in any of such casualties. In addressing this issue, the protection of lives and property is paramount and one cannot comprehend why security agencies have failed to put an end to it.Majority of Nigerians will continue to blame the president, because he has a responsibility to protect the lives of every citizen in this country. Moreover,as one of those who have a cattle ranch,it is expected that he should do everything possible to address this issue.We cannot continue to expand the responsibilities on our military because of internal problems,the Hausa, Fulani, Yoruba, Ijaw and Igbo man or any other ethnic tribe is not our problem. Nigeria is a blessed country; our fundamental problem is instigated on us by our various leaders across the six geopolitical zones, whose actions are responsible for our present situation,the youth should not allow themselves to be used as instruments of violence. I will earnestly recommend that the process of expanding the cooperation of stake holders to provide land for ranches should be advanced, because we cannot continue to have cattles moving on our roads, feeding on the farms of innocent Nigerians,who have been traumatized by the ill actions of the employers of the herdsmen. I am still wondering who are the real herdsmen?



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