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Prophet Arrested For Kissing His Househelp And Wife (Photos)

A self-style Tanzanian prophet, Nabii Tito, is currently cooling his heels behind bars after he was arrested following indecency, Tuko reports.

His arrest came after sharing photos of himself kissing his wife and house girl. Confirming the arrest, IGP Simon Sirro said Tito had been arrested following public complaints and will be dealt with accordingly.

see some reactions below;

Mujeeb Bello Gossip mill, what took u so…long to post this morning?! He be like say una don get plenty customers now abi?! Shakara don dey too much for una! Haba! In fact, I nor dey comment again sef @least for now!

Benedicta Oleh What is d police business???? Did the househelp complain or did the pastors wife complain????? Dey are all in one mutual agreement why pock nosing????? But na wah oh which kind of world b this self pastor self dey do extramarital affair n d wife concur

John Makashi The so called pastor has been insulting other religions claiming that he’s brought his own religion which he says is right….this is against the law of our country, a reason for his arrest and not because of just kissing his house help!

Olabisi James Looolx.. funny people.. why will they arrest him? Is he R,aping them? Are those he is kissing, complaining? What is the arrest for? Rubbish arrest.. very funny.. So, it’s now a crime for a pastor to kiss bah? Loooolx


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